New Orleans and put the Green in Mardi Gras by Recycling the great abundance of trash Mardi Gras creates.

Every year Mardi Gras attracts around one million people to the city to celebrate and every year between 4,500 tons and 8,000 tons of trash is collected at Mardi Gras in the French Quarter. Despite popular opinion, the amount of trash collected is not an indicator of a successful Mardi Gras. However, the collection of recyclable goods from trash can be a indicator of a successful Green Mardi Gras. will place a recycle float in every parade. We ask that the people attending the parade collect their recyclable trash (plastic water bottles, soft drink cans, clean paper trash, boxes) and hand them to the assistants that will be walking along side of the recycle float.

We thank you for your assistance in Putting the Green in Mardi Gras. Please tell your friends about

If you would like to volunteer to assist recycling program this Mardi Gras season in any capacity, Please sign up on the volunteer page.
Thank you.

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